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If you’re looking for a true water filtration expert, check out our offer! We are one of the largest Polish distributors of high-quality filters and accessories for filtration of drinking and utility water. We retail and wholesale such products as:

– filters for espresso machines – designed for water filtration in new generation espresso machines,
– Water filters, including specialized filter cartridges for reverse osmosis systems,
– refrigerator filters – we are an authorized distributor of many models of refrigerator filters for Samsung, LG, Daewoo and modern refrigerator cartridges from other manufacturers,
– filter pitchers, which are an ideal choice for the home, office and various types of institutions,
– Thermal glasses that maintain the high temperature of the coffee or tea served in them.

The offer of our company is not only high-quality water filters, but also a wide range of products to help remove scale and other types of sediment from water. Examples of such products include effective pressure machine cleaning tablets, degreasing liquids for milk frothing systems, cappuccino or powerful descaling tablets.

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